What exactly is happening here hot stuff?

Hello my fellow New Yorkers doing the New York hustle.  I think we can all agree, that on our committed journey to live, enjoy, and prosper in this glorious metropolis of unlimited stimuli and adventure, we certainly get hit with some unforeseen obstacles that knock us on our asses along the way.

But we are determined to survive, we are determined to stay, and we certainly have some of the craziest stories to tell along the way.  Some hilarious, some heartbreaking, some frustrating as fu@k, and some just worth a minute of attention because they can honestly only happen here.

This site will share collections of those stories, provide new New Yorkers with guidance, old New Yorkers with familiarity, and for the general population regardless of age, race, gender, sexual preference, job, native New Yorker, transplant, houseplant, whoever you are, there will be something relatable and inspiring for everyone.  After all, there is one thing we all have in common as human beings, particularly New York beings……we all have a story.




Header photo by Scott Walsh