About the author, aka “who does this chick think she is?”

I know what you want to know….who IS this girl, why should we listen to her, and what are her credentials?  No one is really real these days without a PHD, an MD, an MS, an MBA, a STD, or a pre-approved by the masses guaranteed LMAO.  Well, I have none of those things, (okay, I am yet to see to my OBG/YN since my last BF).  But, I’ve got this…

I have been a New York City resident for over 16 years, through the best and worst of times. I have been buttoned up in corporate advertising, in upper management positions in digital media, and a bartender of after hours until the sun eerily creeped upon the new day. I have been an art director on a reality tv show,  a band booker for a music venue, a personal assistant to a famous club owner, a DJ, an Autocad designer for the biggest of company names, and many, many other gigs.  I have been physically injured, length-fully unemployed, and nominated for an Emmy.  I am currently in action as a successful creative services business owner, as I am in the mecca of reinvention.

I’ve been in bands, in relationships, in a mess, in love, happy as hell, and down in the dumps.  I have been around the proverbial block many times. Most importantly, I have lived.  Through ALL that living, I have learned and (almost) mastered “getting through it,” while evolving into a proud, insightful, creative, and experienced New York city gal.  And now I am happy to share some of my stories for your benefit, as well as many of the wonderful stories of the amazing humans I’ve encountered along my way and continue to meet every day that I step foot onto that glorious concrete outside my door.

Jill Fiore